1. Compare Packages

Once you are done meeting up with suppliers, sit down with your partner and lay things down in the table. Compare their packages and choose the one which suits both your taste and your budget. When comparing packages you need to make sure that you get to cover everything from flower arrangements, photographers to caterers. You will certainly get a package which will suit your needs.

  1. Check References and portfolio

Check your prospective supplier’s references. Where have they catered? Who have they covered in their previous events? Some photographers specialize in weddings, some don’t. Make sure you choose the one that does have a good wedding portfolio. It is best to check their portfolio in their actual office than online so that you can consult them and ask them questions immediately.

  1. Confirm and Sign Contracts

Once you have chosen your suppliers and virginia wedding photographer, sign a contract with them to make sure that everything is in order. If you have to make down payments, do not hesitate to do so. This will legally bound them to actually be there during your wedding day and make them commit to giving you the best service possible. It is never too early to sign a contract with a supplier. The earlier the better! Early booking can even mean discounts.

  1. Write your vows

With all the icing taken care of, make your vows from your heart. A vow written in a tissue paper can be unique and romantic but a vow that is kept in your heart and memorized during the wedding day itself is truly one of the greatest gifts you can give your partner. Write it in a piece of paper and try to memorize it. You may have to re-write your vow again and again and again. Spend much time in this. You do not have to write a chapter length of a vow but a short, sweet and sincere vow that can captivate what you want to promise your spouse.

  1. Enjoy the Wedding Day

Last thing to do to make your wedding day perfect is to enjoy the wedding ceremony. Forget about everything else but your partner. Let the caterers, flower arrangers, wedding organizers take care of everything on the day itself. Cross off everything on your wedding day checklist and focus on one thing: your spouse to be.

If you think that having a perfect wedding day is easy, it actually isn’t. Even with a wedding planner or even if you think you have planned things ahead of time, you can never be too sure if things are going to turn out just the way you planned them. So, plan ahead and expect the greatest day of your life unfold right in front of you.

If you plan to have a stress free wedding preparation, a wedding planner is the perfect option but of course you will still have to meet with him or her every once in a while. Having a wedding planner lessens your preparation time for the wedding. It will cost a little bit more but it certainly is worth the expense.

Congratulations on your wedding and best wishes! The perfect wedding day is just around the corner and you have total control as to how to make it perfect.